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About 'Slender Maze - Scary Prank'

Slender Maze is an old-school scary maze prank reworked in Slender man style. It gives the best of the two most spread international memes.

In this game you guide a black dote, with your finger, from the start to the 'operator symbol' - a circle with an "X" drawn through it. Each time you reach the symbol you will get one page collected. Allegedly there are 4 pages to collect. At some point, a scary image pops up, giving you or your friend a major jump-scare.

Install instructions

Installation instruction

  • Click on a download link or type in url in your mobile phone/tablet browser
  • You will see a message that reads ' This type of file can harm your device....' Ignore this and click 'OK'. File is perfectly fine, it's just that it doesn't come from google play...
  • downloading ...
  • swipe down from the top to see slender_maze.apk when 'download comlete'. click on it.
  • Another block for security reasons. Click on settings and check Unknown sources. Click ok. Click Install. That's it. Open


slender_maze.apk 2 MB

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